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An Elderly Wants To Dance With His Two Left Feet

By: Joan Carmen Aranda #nurseheart Young and old adults in Erickson’s developmental stage states that they showcase generativity or productivity unless stagnation takes place. They too understand that it matters to stand on their own two feet and to overcome struggles. They are managing their own finances, planning parties for certain occasions especially birthdays or … Continue reading

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By: Joan Carmen T. Aranda @nursesheart “Did you know that up to half of the older people do not take medications as prescribed by their doctor?” Derived from an Ancient Greek term, “poly” means many. According to Merriam Webster, polypharmacy means the administration of multiple medicines in the treatment of diseases. Medicines are the most … Continue reading

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By: Joan Carmen Aranda #nursesheart As quoted by a renowned international model and personality, Tyra Banks; “I wish you have a pleasant trip.” I believe this humorous quote is directed to any model on the runway. Ever heard of the America’s Next Top Model? The ability to walk the runway on high heels is a … Continue reading

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Beat elderly depression with boundless care!

By: Joan Carmen Aranda aka (nursesheart) Boundless care – does it really occur in the society we live in, more so, in other parts of the globe? Caring is an act of compassion showing concern for others’ feelings and should not be considered just work. Every person has the capacity to feel an emotion. An … Continue reading

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Age Better At Home

By: Joan Carmen T. Aranda @nursesheart “Live your life and forget your age.” The growth of the elderly population increases the demand for various health care provisions because of the effects of the aging process and genetical predispositions. That demand is expected to increase 22 percent by the year 2000 to 305 million contacts per … Continue reading

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