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An Elderly Wants To Dance With His Two Left Feet


By: Joan Carmen Aranda #nurseheart

Young and old adults in Erickson’s developmental stage states that they showcase generativity or productivity unless stagnation takes place. They too understand that it matters to stand on their own two feet and to overcome struggles. They are managing their own finances, planning parties for certain occasions especially birthdays or planning vacation trips.

As I grew up, I watched my parents work very hard to meet our daily needs. I remember the times when they reprimand me about my mistake. And, I did not understand what’s wrong with what I have done. I then understood that they are aware of the consequences than I do. So, I should just follow them. They know more about life than I do. Even if I get reprimanded that is okay because I know I am learning. By then, love is a product of their hard work and attention

When they get older than they are right now, I know they will have some limitations. They will have it and I believe do not like it. But, that’s reality.

“There are some things in life we do not have control of. Trust and let go.”

“Time flies fast!”

Later on, we realize that we are not as active and vigorous. Some elderly do not still accept the fact that they are getting old and they still want to be doing things the way they do it and on their own. And maybe that’s okay in some cases. Other times, it’s not.

The elderly when it comes to a point that they will experience pain in movement, forgetfulness, weakness or body malaise, disturbance in sleep or other diseases, or even the loss of a spouse that bothers them. The risks that may affect them are a concern, and caregivers should be vigilant and careful.

The challenge is their resistance to care by a family member or caregiver. It is an issue that caregivers should be capable of understanding why and knowing how to break that resistance to be able to give that wellness, promoting independence, and health for your elderly loved ones. When a family member is away, Boundless Care, Inc. is always available to extend their service to your loved ones 24/7. One reason that they might also cause resistance is the cost of a trained caregiver. We, at Boundless Care, Inc. can aid in that concern.

What are the tactics that your elderly loved one can cooperate with a caregiver?

  1. Find the perfect timing. When is the proper time your loved one is relaxed? By then, the caregiver can engage into a conversation with him or her.
  2. Ask what care they prefer. They are considered partners in their management of their care.
  3. Enlist help. It can be from a health professional, friend or family member that maybe they can persuade your loved one to accept the care they need.
  4. Do no give up on making conversations to them. Show to them that you are there for them. Talk about the importance of care and how it can affect them if you work together.
  5. Picking your battles. If your loved one is stubborn, avoid picking a fight with them or insisting on them making them more resistant. This will not help in the long run.
  6. Explain how care may prolong their independence. If the elderly accept care from a caregiver, it does not mean they will lose their independence. They can even assist your elderly loved one to be more active, productive, and relaxed with certain activities.

If they still are resistant to care after utilizing these tips, it may be dependent on the case of your loved one’s illness. By then, one should also reevaluate the situation. Assess if your loved one might be endangering oneself. If the answer needs a caregiver or move in to a health facility, seeking professional help or consulting a lawyer should be considered. Elderly like any of us are unique and might need special individualized attention and care. It is important that your loved one is involved in the decisions of his or her care. It might make them more at ease and accepting of the personalized help like in Boundless Care Inc. has for various types of individual.


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