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Keep Your Brain Healthy: 5 Brain Exercises That You Should Consider

Keep Your Brain Healthy 5 Brain Exercises That You Should Consider

In order to maintain good brain health even as you age, a well-balanced diet with low in cholesterol and fat, and high in antioxidants can be beneficial for you. Additionally, regular exercise can also help improve vascular health that can help protect your brain tissue. Avoiding boredom and inactivity is also critical. However, aside from a well-balanced and regular exercise, Boundless Care, Inc. has listed down some brain exercise suggestions that you should consider.

As a reputable provider of non-medical home care in San Jose, California, we hope that these suggestions from our experts will be able to help in sharpening your mental skills:

  1. Enroll yourself in a cooking class. Or even if you don’t enroll yourself in a cooking class, make sure to learn how to cook a new cuisine. Don’t know how to cook yet? Now’s the time to learn! Cooking uses many of your senses: taste, touch, sight, and smell – all of which involve different areas of your brain.
  2. Visualize a map from your memory. Visiting a new place? Try to visualize a map of the area – remember specific roads, directions, and turns. Try to repeat this exercise every time you visit a new location.
  3. Improve your hand-eye abilities. Acquire a new hobby that involves your fine-motor skills. This includes activities such as assembling a puzzle, drawing, knitting, and etc.
  4. Check your recall ability. Create a list – be it of your medications, grocery items, chores, or anything that you can think of – and memorize it. A few hours later, try to check how many items from the list you can recall. For the greatest mental stimulation, try to make the items on your list as challenging as you can.
  5. Learn a new sport. Find an athletic exercise that will utilize both your body and mind. This includes activities such as tennis, yoga, or golf.

Just as you can keep your body physically healthy through exercise, make sure that you regularly exercise your brain as well. In fact, these are just some of the many brain exercise activities that you should do. Try to think up of your own exercises and do it as regularly as possible.

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